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Pioneer in the manufacture of fire-fighting equipment in Brazil, Bucka is recognized by its tradition and innovation, always seeking complete solutions for its customers. Bucka’s products are considered as “benchmark” in the Brazilian market.

Since its founding, Bucka has been engaged in the development and improvement of equipment and fire-fighting systems, with international technology, and Brazilian engineering and manufacturing, strengthening the domestic industry.

Our team of employees has professionals with decades of experience that enable excellence in service to our customers. Engineers and technicians working together to ensure the performance of each product, for each type of risk. We have a staff that can assist our foreign customers in English and are able to collaborate on the required clarifications, and to process their orders.

Bucka is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and has its products present in several countries, protecting the most valuable assets in Brazil and worldwide.

Aware of its role in society, Bucka works in partnership with local communities, giving priority to sustainability and social responsibility.

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ISO 9001: 2008
Quality management system.
[ISO = International Organization for Standardization]

ABNT NBR 11861
Conformity standard for fire hoses.
[ABNT= Brazilian Association of Technical Standards]

INMETRO NBR 15808 and NBR 15809
Manufacture of fire extinguishers.
[INMETRO = National (Brazilian) Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology]

CRCC Petrobrás
Certificate of registration and cadastral classification according to Petrobrás requirements.
[Petrobrás = Brazilian Oil Company]

Local content certificate issued Third Part Certification Company (SGS) which is accredited by the ANP – National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (a governmental institution).
We export fire-fighting products certified according to the Brazilian standards, in this case provide data in English; and equipment receive additional labels with selected instructions in English beyond the Portuguese labels usually required in Brazil.

Bucka manufactures the following fire fighting equipment and systems:

  • Monitors
  • Portable extinguishers certified by INMETRO (ABNT NBR 15808)
  • Wheeled extinguishers certified by INMETRO (ABNT NBR 15809)
  • Fire hoses certified by ABNT (ABNT NBR 11861)
  • Nozzles
  • Foam concentrates and equipment
  • Hydrants and valves
  • Fire-fighting systems (CO2, FM-200, Novec1230, Wet chemical, Foam, Water, etc)

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